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10 Simple Ways to be Happy

Some people tend to complicate happiness, as if they have to have solved every problem in their lives, relationships, and even the society in order for them to finally declare that they are happy. I’ve learned that, as what people always say, happiness does start within yourself. But if maybe your mind is too busy, angry or confused and you don’t know how to tell your heart to be happy, here are 10 simple ways to help you start your day with a fresh and clear mind:

1. Post a large ‘good morning’ note near your bed. When you wake up, you easily greet yourself a good morning. 🙂 Even if you’re not alone, it’s different when you remind yourself that you plan to have a good morning. 🙂

2. Clean your room. If you toss and turn at night with so many things going on in your head, it won’t help to have clutter surrounding you when you wake up either. Help clear up your mind by decluttering your room first.

3. Wear clothes for your size. It will make you look great and feel great, too!

4. For women, put on your make-up. Celebrities aren’t as perfect as we think they are. They look perfect because they prepare for it. Wearing make up gives you a polished and fresh look that people always welcome. And again, when you know you look good, you smile effortlessly and sincerely too. 🙂

5. Surround yourself with positive people. I’m not talking about people who deny that there’s anything wrong with their lives. I’m talking about people who choose to count and savor their blessings than those who compete on who has the worst life.

6. Play music that makes you feel good about yourself, that makes you want to dance and sing when you’re alone. 🙂 Just make sure you’re not disturbing anyone around you.

7. Eat good food. If you’re watching our diet or you can’t afford to eat that everyday, set a day in the week for it to have something happy to look forward to.

8. Paint your walls a light color. It opens up the space, and every morning will seem brighter.

9. Get some fresh air. There is nothing like the wind blowing against your face! You can always close your eyes and imagine you’re at the beach, imagine you’re flying, or simply be grateful for the air around you.

10. Be thankful. It really pays to occupy your mind with the good things. Even if problems exist, at least you’re not carrying them around with such a heavy heart.

Sometimes being happy isn’t so difficult. Sometimes it really is as simple as doing things that make you feel good. Before you know it, you’ll have a more positive outlook again because you’re treating yourself better. Then you start saying to yourself, “I deserve a better life than this.” Good morning! 🙂