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God’s Simple Gifts

I’m having a pretty bad day today. :-/

The contractor isn’t exactly performing up to par and tends to be quite stubborn. But then again, I’m a newbie in this profession, so I’m sure there are things I still need to learn as well. I don’t exactly have a boss or a mentor, so I don’t really have a go-to person to help me in addressing construction problems in general. I got to talk to the contractor properly just a while ago, but feeling that I’ve got a lot of responsibility in making the client happy feels like a big weight to carry… especially since it means dealing with a stubborn contractor. (Seriously, he can do something about his tone. It makes me doubt whether I should trust him.) When I got home, I pretty much fell on my bed and curled under my blanket.

But of course, God wouldn’t let my day end that way. He made sure that:

1) I had fun spending time with Mom today. If you know me, this is actually a big deal.

2) My boyfriend calmed me and reminded me that there is always a solution. Maybe something’s gonna give, but something can be done nonetheless.

Last but not the least,

3) Mom was saying she wanted to make a collage of photos for her Facebook cover photo. I told her she needed to get the dimensions of the cover photo on FB. A few moments later, I found her measuring the screen with a ruler! HAHAHAHA! #facepalm

With that, it looks like I can breathe more easily tonight. 🙂