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God’s Simple Gifts

I’m having a pretty bad day today. :-/

The contractor isn’t exactly performing up to par and tends to be quite stubborn. But then again, I’m a newbie in this profession, so I’m sure there are things I still need to learn as well. I don’t exactly have a boss or a mentor, so I don’t really have a go-to person to help me in addressing construction problems in general. I got to talk to the contractor properly just a while ago, but feeling that I’ve got a lot of responsibility in making the client happy feels like a big weight to carry… especially since it means dealing with a stubborn contractor. (Seriously, he can do something about his tone. It makes me doubt whether I should trust him.) When I got home, I pretty much fell on my bed and curled under my blanket.

But of course, God wouldn’t let my day end that way. He made sure that:

1) I had fun spending time with Mom today. If you know me, this is actually a big deal.

2) My boyfriend calmed me and reminded me that there is always a solution. Maybe something’s gonna give, but something can be done nonetheless.

Last but not the least,

3) Mom was saying she wanted to make a collage of photos for her Facebook cover photo. I told her she needed to get the dimensions of the cover photo on FB. A few moments later, I found her measuring the screen with a ruler! HAHAHAHA! #facepalm

With that, it looks like I can breathe more easily tonight. 🙂



I just came from watching Les Miserables (It started screening here only this week), and I guess I’m on a high from the movie–the very story, the [film] production, and even the memory of reading the book when I was in high school. One day, I hope to see the musical, too. Hope it’s still around when I get the chance.

Victor Hugo is a downright amazing writer. Obviously. From what I’ve learned, sharing stories changes lives. His story of Les Miserables has changed mine and will keep changing mine every time I encounter an opportunity to be cruel or to be kind.

Anyway, I know my writing skills are a far cry from Victor Hugo’s, but as far as I’m concerned, I will tell my story here in the hopes of changing even a moment of somebody’s life.

Because each person is worth it.

Business options

My Dad just told me I should think about trying to take on his business.

I love being an entrepreneur, so the thought of it excites me. But my primary line of work is being an interior designer, so I don’t really want my attention to veer too far away from it…to think I still have a board exam to take. Ideal situation is that I need to take it on only when I’ve also already been able to establish myself as a designer.

Ideal situation is to have both. Best option–increase manpower.

This sliver of a thought (which is probably a lot more real than I think) is why today definitely changes everything.

I’m so happy with this theme! I LOVE that the pictures are practically taking over the screen, especially if you’ve got that retina display. And I absolutely love this bold sans serif font over here. It’s just so me. 🙂 Now it’s just time to fill up this blog with stuff to make me happy and hopefully others too. 🙂

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The Drive

Today, I drove by myself.

It was a good 10 km at least. I went from my house to UP then to my dad’s office in Project 3. I pretty much know that I could probably drive by myself just fine. Like I know I have enough common sense of what to watch out for and when. I think I’m also pretty good with directions. It’s just that I’ve always been too afraid of facing the road all by myself. My boyfriend always tells me I’m always improving, but like I said, I’m always just scared.

But today, I realized that at the end of the day, I needed to believe in myself. No one else could do it for me. No one was going to drive myself but myself. And today, I finally made that choice. 🙂 It felt so right, I didn’t even get nervous throughout the ride. 🙂

I’ve been delaying the driving goal for a pretty long time now, and today I took a big step forward by telling myself that I CAN.

This is why this day changes everything.